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Discover Awards Winning Innovations for Protecting Home and Business Property

A letter plate fitted in the entrance door of a private residence or business premises (sometimes with a letterbox mounted behind it) and an externally fitted mailbox are very convenient and effective at receiving the incoming mail. However, the antiquated products, which were designed over 150 years ago and have not changed their principle of work, can create a serious problem.

The publicly accessible letter and mail boxes are the usual targets for vandalism, mail theft and arson. Letterbox arson can have a devastating effect on the property and the occupants. In some accidents, several generations of one family were wiped out. The Sunday Times said that that a fire, which was started by petrol poured through a letter plate on Denmark Place and killed 37 people, could be "the worst mass murder in British history".

Many items and substances, especially liquids, are restricted or banned on board the plane because they are likely to pose a risk to safety and security, or can be used to cause harm. So, why to allow those items and substances in your letterbox or mailbox? Or worse, in your property through the letter plate?

Even the regular mail items that are delivered via the letter plate and fall on the floor carry the risks of spreading viruses and bacteria from the contaminated mail surfaces.


Given the serious physical, economic, emotional and social implications of the letterbox downsides, it is vital that these are prevented whenever possible 

To solve the problem PowerPrize Ltd has designed, developed and patented a line of the world's first gravity-powered secure by design eco letterbox and mailbox products under own brand IdealGuard™. 

IdealGuard™ is a pioneering and market-leading brand for the emerging next-generation letter/mailbox products, which aim to raise the current level of properties security without impeding the traditional mail deliveries. The unprecedented award-winning and multi-award nominated products are the world's first to banish liquids from letter/mailbox and remarkably suitable for fitting at any level (high- and low-) with no added damage to the door structure. 

IdealGuard™ maintenance-free innovations help customers to eliminate or significantly reduce all letter/mailbox related risks to property, including arson, fire, burglary, vandalism, theft, mail theft, flooding, terrorism, heat loss, spread of viruses and bacteria.

Unlike the outdated secure letter/mail box products, which aim to contain hazards first and then trying to cope after there is a developed problem, such as a fire or an explosion, IdealGuard™ unique products are focusing on risks prevention at the letter plate point. Fitting or retrofitting IdealGuard™ will be an effective and low-cost solution to stop arson before it starts and reduce the spread of the virus.

The range of IdealGuard™ models will suit any budget. There are models suitable for fitting and retrofitting indoor to most new and existing doors as a letterbox or indoor/outdoor as a mailbox. The all-in-one integrated solutions are an essential part of property security, fire safety and energy-saving program focusing on a preventative approach. Due to constant development, the latest new products may not be available from this website and to find out you should contact us directly.

Upgrading Front Doors by Fitting or Retrofitting These Innovations Will Benefit End Users, Integrators and Installers

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