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      Products Fitting

Fittings of IdealGuard™ products can be accomplished by DIY by following Fitting Instructions that come with the product or a professional, such as a joiner/carpenter/handyman/builder/locksmith, should be able to do the work for you.

Fitting by the professionals can be undertaken on a fast track basis into occupied housing of all types without decanting residents.

IdealGuard™ products are maintenance-free. Only occasional wipe clean with a damp cloth is enough to keep the products looking as good as new, for life. The products will remain long-term maintenance-free assets to your property.



IdealGuard™/U, IdealGuard™/L and IdealGuard™/S
 models are a high-quality home and business premises improvement products suitable for fitting indoors as a letterbox to a mail slot, which is arranged in a structure, such as a door or a wall. Depending on the product, it can be suitable for the structure thickness in the range from 35mm to 60mm, 80mm or more. The mail slot can be located at any height above the floor: at door bottom (low-level) or anywhere higher, often at door centre (high-level). If there is no mail slot in the door, it can be made as usual.

If your door already has a mail slot (a letter plate), all you need is to replace the existing letter plate with the matching 4"x12" Victorian letter plate instead. Most existing mail slots are small, so in this case, the size of the existing mail slot aperture has to be slightly increased to allow the matching letter plate. In hollow doors, like UPVC and metal, the mail slot must be sleeved (sealed or filled around inside) to stop the elements entering into the door cavity.

There is a choice for the matching 4"x12" Victorian letter plate finish on the market. We normally stock Polished Brass Lacquered letter plates, which you can order with the product. On request, we can also source the matching letter plate in other finishes, for example, Chrome plated. Alternatively, you can order IdealGuard™ product without a letter plate and source the matching 4"x12" letter plate of your choice on the market.

IdealGuard™ letter box is fixed indoors to the threaded rods of the letter plate. This way the door is sandwiched between the letter plate and IdealGuard™ letterbox product and there is no added damage to the door structure. If required, IdealGuard™ products also allow using screws for fixing.

Furthermore, fitting IdealGuard™ letterbox product at high-level is possible in reverse position. In this case, the capacity for mail will be increased twofold, but at the expense of reducing the special security feature against the introduction of liquids.


Why IdealGuard letter box is compliant to Building Regulations 2010 Part M (Access to and Use of Buildings)?

Building Regulations 2013 Part M demand that external doors must meet the need of disabled people to access housing in a wheelchair. External doors can open inward or outward. However, according to BS 9999:2008 'Code of practice for fire safety in the design, management and use of buildings' it is preferable that external doors should open outward:

16.5.4 Direction of opening The door leaf of any doorway or exit should, where reasonably practicable, be hung to open in the direction of escape, and should always do so if the number of persons that might be expected to use the door at the time of a fire is more than 60.

In any case, doors are secured by hinges to the vertical portion of the frame called jamb. Jamb and the gap between the jamb and the wall rough opening are covered by casing. The casing is the edge trim around door openings.

Door opens outward

Where in compliance with BS 9999:2008 the external door opens outward it should swing beyond 90° at least in order to fulfil the Building Regulations 2010 Part M requirement. Usually, it swings well beyond that, and when it swings beyond 110° (as shown in the picture), fitting IdealGuard™ secure by design multifunctional eco letterbox would not reduce the door clear opening width.


Door opens inward

In all cases where the door opens inward and the width of the casing is 100mm (4") or more on the hinges side, the fitted IdealGuard™ letterbox will not affect the door clear opening width as it fits into 100mm space. Usually, this is the case.

If the width of the casing is less than 100mm, plus the passageway into the property is narrow, there may be some reduction in the door clear opening width. In most cases, this should not be a problem since minimum effective clear width of doors 750mm (in existing buildings) and 800mm (in new buildings) allowed by the legislation can be achieved still. If not, then the solution can be by choosing a wider than 800mm door.

To view the examples of letterbox fitting click Examples of Fitting.



IdealGuard™/U and IdealGuard™/M secure by design multifunctional mailbox products can be surface mounted, recessed or fitted on a stand. Depending on the structure where you want to fix the mailbox, we recommend using M5 or M4 non-rusting fixing screws or bolts with nuts.