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Anti-arson | Anti-virus | Anti-bacterial | Fireproof | Anti-burglary | Anti-mail theft | Anti-vandal | Flood-proof | Anti-terrorist | Saves house energy | Cuts CO2 emissions

Frequently asked questions

          1. Is IdealGuard™ for me?

2. Why do I need IdealGuard™ if I already have CCTV or intruder/fire alarm?

3. Does home insurance cover arson fires?

4. How do I reduce property maintenance costs by fitting IdealGuard™?

5. Is IdealGuard™ suitable for individuals of pensionable age, backsufferers and disabled ?

6. In which way IdealGuard™ is different from other security letter/mail boxes available on the market? For example, the anti-arson ones with the fire extinguisher?

7. Can the fire extinguisher and/or intumescent lining be fitted inside the IdealGuard™ as additional means of protection against fire if I wish so?

8. Can IdealGuard™ secure letter box products be given security classification and/or fire resistance rating and used on security and/or fire rated doors?

9. Why having protection from liquids is so important?

        10. Are there any restrictions to the items of mail that can be delivered?

        11. Can I fit IdealGuard™ myself by DIY?

        12. Shall I tell the postman that I have a new secure letter box installed?

        13. How was IdealGuard™ tested?

      1. Is IdealGuard™ for me?

With new legislation in force in the UK, such as Construction Products Regulation, The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, the constantly updated Building Regulations Part B (Fire Safety), Part L (conservation of Fuel and Power) and Part Q (Security), improving security and energy efficiency in the letter box is not optional any more in non-domestic premises and in some of the residential premises too, which are covered by the legislation.

In addition to the mandatory legislation, the common sense tells us that for the same reason you have your front doors locked, you must also have security against crime and vandalism in the front door letter box for protection of your most valuable assets, such as your family, high-priced property and contents. Also, you do not want to waste money on the energy bills.

Simple calculation proves that fitting IdealGuard™ for physical security, saving on energy bills and reducing insurance premiums is much more economical than damaged property restoration, replacing contents and stolen valuables, like cars (car keys are known to be 'fished out' through the unprotected letter plate), paying increased insurance premiums, and suffering the consequential loss.

If you are considering the most cost-effective means of improving security and energy efficiency of a property you should take the opportunity and install IdealGuard™.

IdealGuard™ products are recommended since they are world's first and world leaders in letter box advanced maintenance-free physical security and functionality in conjunction with saving house energy, protection of the environment and ergonomics for the user and a postman. With IdealGuard™ fitted indoors you will receive your mail in the traditional way but with more comfort and security.

IdealGuard™ secure letter box is the only product that expels liquids and is suitable for fitting to the letter plate at any level: high- and low.

          2. Why do I need IdealGuard™ if I already have CCTV or intruder/fire alarm?

The unprotected letter box offers an easy and attractive route into a property for perpetrators whatever locks, alarms and CCTV may be installed. Those systems and warning signs cannot substitute the physical security in the letter box and are powerless to stop vandals, arsonists, thieves, burglars and terrorists who will use any opportunity to attack your property.

CCTV has only proved effective for police work after the crime has happened and the effectiveness of CCTV is also questioned as burglars can easily mitigate the risk of being caught by wearing hoods and caps.

3. Does home insurance cover arson fires?

This is clarified by Morgan Clark Loss Assessors: "According to government statistics, 20% of fires in dwellings are caused by arson. That's a significant number of property fires in the UK, and they may not all be covered by their respective home insurance policies.

Even if you did not know the arsonist who attacked your property, you may run into some issues when making a fire damage claim. In certain scenarios, the policy owner may still be held liable for the damage to their property and have their fire insurance claim rejected by their insurance company.

This could be the case if you knew about a potential fire risk to your property. Your claim could also be rejected if your property doesn't comply with the necessary safety legislation, including the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005."

Also, you might not be covered if you're away from home for more than 30 days a year, unless you have unoccupied home insurance.

"One of the best ways to protect yourself from having a fire insurance claim rejected after an arson attack is to take measures to prevent an arson attack in the first place. Then, should anything happen, you will be in a much better standing to claim on your home insurance."

Fitting IdealGuard™ products will eliminate or significantly reduce the risk of the letterbox arson.

          4.  How do I reduce property maintenance costs by fitting IdealGuard™?

Fitting IdealGuard™ secure by design multifunctional eco letter box allows cutting losses from fires and criminal and vandalism attacks against the properties. According to the Housing Health Cost Calculator from BRE, the savings to society just from eliminating the risk of fire is £104,325.

If property was insured, fitting IdealGuard™ will stop the accidents that would give rise to building, contents and health insurance claims and insurance premiums going up in the following year. Insurance companies can cut millions in their losses from the claims on such accidents.

However, in the absence of IdealGuard™ product, the insurance company can refuse the payout if it turns out that the mandatory legislation requirement to protect the premises from the known fire and security risks was not met by the 'responsible person'.

By fitting IdealGuard™ building owners/managers, such as Local Government Authorities and Housing Associations, can save millions from their losses that were not covered by the insurance.

Also, you will better protect the property when it is temporarily not occupied, so insurance typically does not cover vandalism, theft and malicious damage to the building and contents.

          5. Is IdealGuard™ suitable for individuals of pensionable age, backsufferers and   disabled ?

With IdealGuard™ fitted, your mail does not fall on the floor, so the hygiene is improved and where letter box aperture is arranged at high level, you do not need to bend over in order to collect your mail.

IdealGuard™ is helpful for people in wheelchair who cannot access mail, which is scattered on the floor, but can access mail from IdealGuard™ letter box.

For most doors IdealGuard™ letter box will leave the required door clearance for access to the property in compliance with the (DDA) Disability Discrimination Act and Building Regulations Part M (Access to and Use of Buildings).

6.  In which way IdealGuard™ is different from other security letter/mail boxes available on the market? For example, the anti-arson ones with the fire extinguisher?

IdealGuard™ new brand products are unique in many ways and patents protected. They are very different from any other security letter/mail box available on the market and outperform the known brands. These are the only letter/mail box products on the market with principle of work based on prevention of risks.

The main unique benefits are as following: secure by design by filtering out most hazards, especially liquids, at letter plate point and suitable for fitting indoors and outdoors at any level of height. The superior security of the maintenance-free products is complemented by the enhanced functionality and stylish design, opportunity to save house energy and fighting Global Warming.

The exceptional security against a fire and arson attacks is achieved by providing a three-tiered maintenance-free protection without the use of a fire-extinguisher:
  • Introduction of liquids is not possible unless under pressure and only to be pushed out due to the force of gravity;
  • Most solid potential hazards are filtered out at letter plate point in compliance with the adjustable security level set to customer requirements;
  • The tightly sealed strong steel body provides further protection, starves the fire from oxygen and stops all draughts.

This concept is very different to any other letter/mail boxes available on the market that essentially rely on containment of the hazards inside the letter/mail box and may further rely on the work of an internal fire extinguisher or intumescent fabric after there is a developed fire.  

7.  Can the fire extinguisher and/or intumescent lining be fitted inside the IdealGuard™ as additional means of protection against fire if I wish so?

This is not a standard requirement but IdealGuard™ products allow fitting of a fire extinguisher and/or intumescent lining.

8.  Can IdealGuard™ secure letter box products be given security classification and/or fire resistance rating and used on security and/or fire rated doors?

IdealGuard™ /U and /L products are anti-arson and firestop products that can be used to seal letterbox opening for impeding the spread of fire and smoke even when the letter plate is open or partly open.

Currently there are no standards and mandatory tests for anti-arson letter and mailboxes. IdealGuard™ /U and /L products can expel any volume of liquid from the letter/mail box at the letter plate point. That unsurpassed level of protection against arson exceeds by far the requirements of the DHF technical specification TS 008 for testing arson protection of the enhanced security letter plate and letter/mail box products against 500ml volume of petrol.

IdealGuard™ /U and /L secure by design letterbox products provide an unmatched supreme security and fire protection in the letterbox, but a security classification or a fire resistance rating cannot be given in isolation since these products are not used in isolation. They are used in conjunction with a door and the external letter plate.

The security classification and/or fire-resistance rating can be related to the whole door assembly only. As the design and construction of the security classified and/or fire-rated door assemblies varies greatly, any test report for the security classified and/or fire-rated door assembly with fitted IdealGuard™ /U and /L product should be available from the door manufacturer.

The products are designed for use indoors with all kinds of doors and the performance of the complete door assembly will depend on a number of door-related factors e.g. door material, construction, location, etc.

In the case of the fire doors that in the test certificate allow surface mounted hardware, such as security cowl, a post box, pull handles, surface mounted plates, signage, and coat hooks, etc. attached by screws, in our assessment the non-invasive fitting of IdealGuard™ /U and /L products to the fixings of the letter plate in accordance with our fitting instructions will not interfere with fire resistance of the fire door.

9.  Why having protection from liquids is so important?

Fire Protection Association published (in 2012) that each year in England and Wales more than 60 people die and 2000 are injured in fires that are deliberately lit, while the annual cost of arson is estimated at £1.3 billion. A disproportionate share of accidents with a devastating effect to the property and the occupants resulted from fires started with inflammable liquid accelerants. Police reports that 95% of arsons in dwellings are caused by pouring flammable liquids through the letter plate aperture.

Such accidents are especially dangerous, as liquid accelerants give out twice as much heat from the same mass as solid ones, burn twice as fast and may produce large quantities of flammable vapours, which may lead to an instantaneous explosion.

What if the terrorists start doing that?

In September 2014, Abu Muhammad al-Adnani, the chief spokesman of Isis, made a speech calling for attacks by Isis sympathisers in the west. He advised the use of any weapons that came to hand to kill the supposed enemies of Islam and Isis.

"If you are not able to find a bomb or a bullet, then smash his head with a rock, or slaughter him with a knife, or run him over with your car, or throw him down from a high place, or choke him, or poison him … If you are unable to do so, then burn his home, car, or business. Or destroy his crops. If you are unable to do so, then spit in his face," he said.

Throughout the wave of violence seen over the past decade and a half, the choice of weapons by Islamic extremist attackers, like all such militants, has been determined largely by what can be obtained with relative ease.

Even before that speech the terrorists had already tried using liquid explosives, and as the result, passengers are not allowed to take liquids on board the plane.

Twin Towers in New York were designed to withstand any kind of natural calamity but they collapsed on 9/11 simply because the steel frame could not withstand the exceptional heat produced by the burning liquid kerosene from the planes.

The current trend towards increased security at most events and facilities will make these harder to target. One of the upshots of this is that alternative areas may be targeted instead, such as properties via letter and mail boxes.

10.  Are there any restrictions to the items of mail that can be delivered?

As you would probably agree, there is a limit to the size of items that can be delivered through a letter plate. Items, like thick catalogues, magazines and newspapers, etc., cannot be inserted. Many letter plates are so narrow that the only way to deliver even a standard letter post item is to have it folded or left in the door with the letter plate flap open.

IdealGuard™ is fitted with the large size matching letter plate 4" x12", which is suitable for daily delivery without folding of letter post items not exceeding A4 size and 25mm in thickness. This letter plate is in full compliance with Letter Size Guide© introduced by Royal Mail Group Plc in 2004, suits fitting requirements of PAS 24:2012 and in compliance with Approved Document Q for security.

IdealGuard™ products are in compliance with SBD New Homes 2010 document requirements to letter plates and letter boxes and with the current European Standard EN BS 13724:2013 'Postal services. Apertures of private letter boxes and letter plates. Requirements and test methods', but exceed both of these documents in security, functionality, saving house energy, ergonomics and protection of the environment.

DVDs, CDs and video cassettes can be easily delivered into IdealGuard™. Even magazines, not exceeding A4 size, and newspapers can be delivered as long as they are flexible and not over 25mm in thickness each. The delivery of the multitude of the post items can be easily split into flexible stacks where each stack thickness is not over 25mm.

However, items that are different in size and flexibility from the standard letter post items, which are over A4 size and over 25mm in thickness, are not allowed, since the unrestricted delivery would defy the security purpose. It is important to understand that there can be restriction to their delivery for the sake of your security.

When you are expecting an unusually large number of mail items and the letter box limited capacity can be an issue, you can leave IdealGuard™ letter box Cover open or some models allow taking it off the letter box.

During the time period, when the Cover is left open or taken off the letter box, the security will not be at its full. This should not be a problem in many cases where the letter box full high security is not required round the clock.

11. Can I fit IdealGuard™ myself by DIY?

You receive IdealGuard™ Fitting Instructions and User Manuals with the product. If you are a DIY person experienced enough to fit a letter plate, then you can fit IdealGuard™ yourself. Otherwise, get a handyman or a joiner to do the work.

12. Shall I tell the postman that I have a new secure letter box installed?

IdealGuard™ is really good news for the long-suffering postmen and postwomen. There is a duty for a postman to deliver mail through the letter box. Our postmen are used to struggle with narrow letter plates, so regardless of the letter plate size, they instinctively tend to roll the mail up first and then push it in. Often, they leave the mail items not fully inserted through the letter plate.

We cared about the postmen when we designed IdealGuard™. The letter plate flap is opened by a natural downward hand action without twisting the wrist, like when the door handle is pressed down. Delivering mail, including into the low level fitted letter box, becomes much easier. In addition, postman's fingers are protected against pets, naughty children, high strength secondary flaps and tight brush draught seals.

Delivering mail items over the letter plate flap is all that is needed for securely delivering  mail inside IdealGuard™. There is absolutely no need to push fingers inside the letter box. Fitted with the large size 4" x12" letter plate, it can easily accept all items of mail up to A4 size without folding and with IdealGuard™ this large size letter plate does not undermine the letter box security.

All this relieves work of a postman and gives him protection at work. Like with everything new, it helps if this is explained to the postman when he encounters IdealGuard™ for the first time, so he can realise his benefits right away.   

     13. How was IdealGuard™ tested?

All IdealGuard™ products were tested for expulsion of liquids and filtering out solid hazards at letter plate point. In addition, the following tests were performed:

IdealGuard™/U, /L and /S series products

    • tested against BS EN Standard 13724;
    • for ingress protection;
    • for perimeter seal fire resistance;
    • for smoke resistance (Smoke Test ).

     IdealGuard™/T series product

    • tested for resistance to abuse.

Based on that IdealGuard™ products were globally assessed and found to exceed the requirements of the BS EN Standard 13724:2013 and DHF Technical Specifications TS 008 and TS 009.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any more questions.