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Anti-arson | Anti-virus | Anti-bacterial | Fireproof | Anti-burglary | Anti-mail theft | Anti-vandal | Flood-proof | Anti-terrorist | Saves house energy | Cuts CO2 emissions

Anti-Arson Security Universal Letter/Mail Box Preferred By The Experts

IdealGuardTM/U (Universal)

  All-Inclusive Security, Fire and Eco Solution




  Awards Winning

Secure By Design

 Powered by the Force of Gravity

Discover cutting edge integrated cleantech solution to fulfil today's doors and properties security, fire resistance and energy performance needs without compromising mail deliveries

   The World's First Letter/Mail Box Focusing on Prevention of All Risks
  • All inclusive solution for the existing and new doors security against arson, fire, burglary, vandalism, theft, mail theft, flood, terrorism, heat loss, spread of viruses and bacteria without impeding mail deliveries
  • Stylish maintenance-free product powered by the force of gravity to banish and expel any volume of liquids and stop crime before it starts
  • Will enhance the external door thermal and acoustic specifications and can pay for itself from the savings on the property energy bills
  • Suitable for fitting at any level (high and low) indoors as a letterbox or outdoors as a mailbox
  • With bonus vacant space for housing a variety of items and technology solutions
  • Exceeds the requirements of BS EN Standard 13724 and TS 008
  • Entrance door looks like any other traditional door


When fitted as a letterbox, IdealGuard/U (Universal) product is available in three modifications with different security against mail theft feature: 

1) IdealGuardTM/UE (enhanced security against mail theft and easy fitting)

2) IdealGuardTM/US (superior security against mail theft and easy fitting)

3) IdealGuardTM/UU (ultimate security against mail theft)  


Click to view how IdealGuard™ secure by design multifunctional eco letter/mailbox will ensure that be it cold or hot smoke it will be contained and not penetrate the property.